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We are de Clutter Services, a team of professional organizers who manage the tasks associated with decluttering home or work sites. We coordinate all types of physical moves. We offer a sensitive, collaborative consultation process to assist with difficult decisions associated with the transition to a new living environment, particularly for seniors.

Our services include:

  • Find what you are looking for.
  • Contents evaluation - An assessment process to help clients determine which household items are ready to be moved, removed, or recycled.
  • Our "Down Size" and "Rejuvenation" services include sorting, re-organizing, and redesigning. We also do shipping, painting, garden clean up, hauling away and more. This service is of particular assistance to those who are preparing a home for sale or rental.
  • Our experience is telling us that many clients need assistance with planning for their possessions. We catalogue their house hold and personnel belongings, so there is an accurate record for estate planning.
  • We feel our company services could be of value for you, with the distribution and disposing of the material belongings of the deceased as outlined in their Will.
  • We now assist clients to catalogue their belongings for estate and insurance purposes, as well as working for families, or the estate of the deceased to vacate their accommodation.

Declutter means:

  • Find what you are looking for.
  • Ease of getting around your home.
  • Inventory your valuables
  • and redesign

We are organization and ststem specialists. We work with individuals and groups according to their specific needs.

Our committment is to:

  • reduce
  • reuse
  • recycle
  • and redesign

all within your budget and personal goals.

Our focus has been seniors, family homes and medium size businesses. We provide services such as cleaning while declutering to set-up after a physical move.

Benefits: stress releaser, saves time and money. Sell home faster. Reduces moving costs. No need for storage units. Purchase less.

If you don't know what to do with all that 'stuff' you have collected over the years - OUR SERVICE IS FOR YOU!!

de Clutter Services is a team of professional organizers and system specialists who work with individuals, groups and companies to create living and working spaces that are functional, livable and organized. We are always sensitive to your needs and your lifestyle; work in collaboration with you to achieve your desired end result. We consult with you every step of the way.

de Clutter Services:

  • Organize your living or working space
  • Manage your transition into a smaller living space (downsizing)
  • Organize and inventory your valuables for estate planning or insurance
  • Rejuvenate your living space


    • Stress reducer
    • Saves time and money
    • Sell your home faster
    • Reduces moving costs
    • No need for storage units
    • Purchase less for your new home {this service is of particular assistance to those who are preparing a home for sale or rental.}
    • Saves money when office workflow/paper flow is smooth and easy
    • increases office efficiency, creates a more enjoyable atmosphere to entertain
    • Satisfaction in knowing that old unused objects find a new home and use
    • Estates are well documented

    de Clutter Services works with people of all ages going through different circumstances. Whether it is seniors in transition, families relocating , offices reorganizing or estate planning and management.

    From start to finish, de Clutter Services will provide everything you need to get the job done right and make your life easier.

    Our commitment is to:

    • Reduce
    • Reuse
    • Recycle
    • Redesign

    All within your budget and personal goals.

    Shirley Gust - Declutter Specialist
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Telephone: 778-888-5276

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